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13820-Carbon Sulphur Apparatus

13820-Carbon Sulphur Apparatus

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Product Details:

measurement 0.25%, 0.5%, 1.5% and 4.5%
detect carbon percentage Up To 4.5%.
Structure Vertical Mounted


  • Heavy duty polished wooden frame with best quality clamps to hold glass parts
  • Furnace outer body CRC/MS sheet duly powder coated having Temp. Control Box with pyrometer
  • Supplied with Digital Temp. Controller for Temp Control (on customer request)
  • Supplied with all glass parts absorption vessel & Acid Jar, combustion Boat etc
  • With Control unit for Tube Furnace


The Carbon-Sulfur (C-S) apparatus is commonly used in laboratories for elemental analysis of carbon and sulfur in various samples.It is often referred to as a “CS Analyzer” or “CS Apparatus.

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