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14080-Fractional Weight Box

14080-Fractional Weight Box

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Product Details:

Color Silver
Capacity 50 grm to 1000 gms.
Material Aluminium

Available ranges: 1mg to 200gm

  1. A) Superior quality having accurate brass weights with fraction weights forceps in nicely polished wooden/plastic case.
Part No. Capacity (grm)
14080-50 50
14080-100 100
14080-200 200
14080-500 500
14080-1000 1000

A Fractional Weight Box is often abbreviated as “FWB.” In a laboratory or experimental setting, it is used for:

  • Precise measurement and adjustment of weights
  • Calibrating balances and scales
  • Conducting experiments in physics and material science
  • Educational activities on mass and weight measurements
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