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  • Externally threaded glass connectors.
  • For use as replacement on apparatus using the GL thread or when designing items where the external thread is preferred.
Part No. Thread size (G.L No.) Tubing


Pack Qty.
1410-14GL GL-14 12×1.5 100
1410-18GL GL-18 16×1.8 100
1410-25GL GL-25 22×1.8 100
1410-32GL GL-32 28×2.0 50
1410-45GL GL-45 40×2.3 10
1410-120GL GL-120 120×5.0 10

Screwthread, GL” refers to a specific type of screw thread commonly used in laboratory glassware. The GL designation is often followed by a number (e.g., GL18, GL45), indicating the size or standard of the thread. This type of screw thread is prevalent in laboratory equipment such as bottles, vials, and other glass containers, ensuring compatibility and secure connections between different components in a laboratory setup.

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