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  • A clinostatis a device which is used to negate the effects of gravitational pull on plant growth.
  • A single axis clinostat consists of a disc attached to a motor, originally clockwork but usually electric nowadays.
  • The disc is held vertically and the motor rotates it slowly at rates in the order of one revolution per minute.
  • A plant is attached to the disc so that it is held horizontally.
  • The slow rotation means that the plant experiences a gravitational pull that is averaged over 360 degrees, thus approximating a weightless environment.
  • Clinostats have also been used to cancel out effects of sunlight and other stimuli besides gravity.
  • A single axis clinostat only produces the weighlessness effect along its axis of rotation.
  • A 3D or two axis clinostat, can average gravitational pull over all directions.

A Klinostat is often abbreviated as “KS.” In a laboratory or research setting, it is used for:

  • Studying plant growth and tropism (response to environmental stimuli)
  • Investigating the effects of altered gravity or orientation on plant development
  • Mimicking conditions in space research to understand plant responses
  • Conducting experiments in plant physiology and biology
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