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13800-Youngs Modulus Apparatus (Searles Pattern)

13800-Youngs Modulus Apparatus (Searles Pattern)

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Searles horizontal pattern. With two aluminium scales graduated 30-0-30 degrees mounted on pillar supports, two pointers with clamps for attaching to specimen, one each brass and steel rods 5mm diameter, cord and hook for carrying weight, but without weight.

A Young’s Modulus Apparatus (Searle’s Pattern) is used for:

  1. Young’s Modulus Determination:
    • Measures Elasticity: Determines the Young’s Modulus, a measure of material elasticity.
  2. Material Testing:
    • Mechanical Properties: Evaluates the mechanical properties of materials, such as stiffness and elasticity.
  3. Tensile Strength Studies:
    • Tensile Testing: Conducts experiments to study the material’s response to tension.
  4. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Physics Education: Used as a teaching tool to demonstrate principles of elasticity and material behavior.
  5. Material Analysis:
    • Material Characterization: Assists in analyzing and characterizing the properties of various materials.
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