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  • Low voltage, latest design
  • Halogen lamp 24V- 250W
  • Rack & pinion focusing system
  • Equipped with dual bulb system
  • Light weight, metal body
  • Motorised cooling system
  • Intensity control

Here are some uses of overhead projectors:

  1. Classroom Instruction:
    • Overhead projectors were historically a staple in classrooms. Teachers could place transparent sheets containing text, diagrams, or images on the projector, making it visible to the entire class. This allowed for real-time interaction and explanation.
  2. Business Presentations:
    • In business meetings and presentations, overhead projectors were used to display visual aids, charts, graphs, and textual information. Presenters could annotate or highlight specific points during the discussion.
  3. Transparencies and OHP Sheets:
    • Users could create transparencies or overhead projector (OHP) sheets by printing or drawing on transparent acetate sheets. These sheets could be easily swapped during a presentation to show different content.
  4. Training Sessions:
    • Overhead projectors were commonly used in training sessions to share information with a group. Trainers could prepare visual materials in advance and project them onto a screen for participants.
  5. Conference Talks and Seminars:
    • Speakers at conferences or seminars often used overhead projectors to enhance their presentations. They could showcase data, statistics, and visuals to a large audience.
  6. Demonstrations and Workshops:
    • In science labs or workshops, instructors could use overhead projectors to demonstrate experiments, display procedures, or showcase technical information.
  7. Art and Design:
    • Overhead projectors were sometimes used in art and design classes. Artists or designers could project sketches or images onto a larger surface for tracing or collaborative work.
  8. Community Meetings:
    • Overhead projectors were used in community gatherings, town hall meetings, or other events where visual information needed to be shared with a group.
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