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Part no. NS SIZE Pack Qty.
1830-7PTF 7/16 10
1830-10PTF 10/19 10
1830-12PTF 12/21 10
1830-14PTF 14/23 10
1830-19PTF 19/26 10
1830-24 PTF 24/29 10
1830-29 PTF 29/32 10
1830-34 PTF 34/35 10

Here are potential uses for a solid PTFE stopper:

  1. Chemical Resistant Sealing: PTFE is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids, and bases. A solid PTFE stopper is commonly used to seal containers in laboratory settings where resistance to chemical interactions is crucial.
  2. High-Temperature Applications: PTFE exhibits excellent thermal stability, making it suitable for applications involving high temperatures. A solid PTFE stopper can be used in environments where other materials might degrade or lose their properties.
  3. Inert Sample Storage: PTFE’s inert nature makes it suitable for sealing containers used for storing samples in their original state without the risk of contamination or chemical reactions.
  4. Laboratory Glassware Sealing: PTFE stoppers can be used to seal openings in laboratory glassware, such as flasks or test tubes, providing a secure and inert closure.
  5. Gas Handling: Due to its low permeability, a solid PTFE stopper can be used to seal containers that store or transport gases without the risk of gas diffusion.
  6. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: In industries such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, PTFE stoppers are used for sealing containers holding sensitive substances due to their non-reactive nature.
  7. Nonstick Properties: PTFE is known for its nonstick properties, making it easy to insert and remove stoppers without sticking or adherence to the glassware.
  8. Electrochemical Applications: PTFE’s chemical resistance makes it suitable for applications involving electrochemical processes where other materials might react with chemicals present.
  9. Educational Demonstrations: In educational settings, solid PTFE stoppers may be used to demonstrate the properties of PTFE and its applications in laboratory work.
  10. Chemical Synthesis: PTFE stoppers can be employed in chemical synthesis processes, where the sealing material must remain inert to the reactants and products.
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