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Chemical Resistant

Part No. Female Joint Male Joint Pack QTY.
1980-24F10M 24/40 10/30 10
1980-19F14M 19/22 14/20 10
1980-24F14M 24/40 14/20 10
1980-14F19M 14/20 19/22 10
1980-24F19M 24/40 19/22 10
1980-29F19M 29/42 19/22 10
1980-24F19M-A 24/40 19/38 10
1980-14F19M-A 14/35 19/38 10
1980-14F24M 14/20 24/40 10
1980-19F24M 19/38 24/40 10
1980-24F24M 24/40 24/40 10
1980-29F24M 29/42 24/40 10

Here are potential uses for such an adapter in a laboratory setting:

  1. Joint Size Adaptation:
    • The primary function of a reducing and enlarging adapter is to facilitate connections between glassware with different joint sizes. This can be crucial when assembling experimental setups with various pieces of glassware.
  2. Apparatus Connection:
    • Enlarging adapters allow for the connection of larger jointed glassware to smaller jointed glassware, and vice versa. This is especially useful in constructing experimental setups with diverse equipment.
  3. Fractional Distillation:
    • The adapter may be used in fractional distillation setups where different components of a liquid mixture are separated based on their boiling points. The reducing or enlarging capability ensures compatibility between various distillation components.
  4. Reaction Setups:
    • When connecting reaction vessels or other glassware with different joint sizes, the adapter can be employed to create a secure and tight connection, facilitating controlled reactions.
  5. Vacuum Filtration:
    • In vacuum filtration setups, the reducing and enlarging adapter can be used to connect filtration apparatus with different joint sizes, ensuring a proper seal and maintaining vacuum conditions.
  6. Chromatography:
    • The adapter may find use in chromatography setups, allowing for the connection of chromatography columns with different joint sizes or adapting detectors to the chromatography system.
  7. Gas or Liquid Transfer:
    • This type of adapter can be utilized for controlled transfer of gases or liquids between glassware with different joint sizes, providing a secure and leak-free connection.
  8. Laboratory Glassware Modification:
    • Researchers may use the adapter to modify existing laboratory glassware, adapting it to new experimental needs without the need to replace the entire setup.
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