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Chemical Resistant

Part No. BOTH MALE Joint Length between Joints (mm) Pack QTY.
2020-24M 24/40 30 10
2020-24M-A 24/40 75 10
2020-24M-B 24/40 120 10
2020-24M-C 24/40 170 10
2020-29M 29/42 30 10
2020-29M-A 29/42 75 10
2020-29M-B 29/42 120 10
2020-29M-C 29/42 170 10

Here are some common uses:

  1. Connecting Glassware:
    • Straight adapters are frequently used to connect different pieces of glassware or laboratory equipment that have matching joint sizes. They provide a straightforward, direct connection between two components, ensuring a secure and leak-free fit.
  2. Distillation Setups:
    • In distillation experiments, straight adapters can be used to connect the distillation flask to the condenser. This allows for a direct path for the vapor to travel from the reaction mixture to the condensation apparatus.
  3. Chromatography:
    • Straight adapters are useful in chromatography setups where various columns, detectors, or other components need to be connected. They provide a simple and direct connection between different parts of the chromatography system.
  4. Reaction Apparatus:
    • Straight adapters can be employed in chemical reaction setups to connect reaction vessels or other glassware components. They facilitate the smooth transfer of reactants or products between different parts of the apparatus.
  5. Standardizing Laboratory Setups:
    • Laboratories often use standardized glassware and equipment with specific joint sizes. Straight adapters ensure that different pieces of equipment with matching joint sizes can be easily connected, promoting consistency in laboratory setups.
  6. Flexible Experimental Design:
    • Researchers may use straight adapters to create custom experimental setups by connecting various pieces of equipment. This flexibility allows for the design of specific apparatus tailored to the needs of the experiment.
  7. Gas or Liquid Transfer:
    • Straight adapters are employed whenever a direct and unobstructed flow path is required for the transfer of gases or liquids between different parts of the experimental setup.
  8. Ensuring Compatibility:
    • When working with glassware or equipment from different manufacturers, straight adapters help ensure compatibility by bridging the gap between varying joint sizes.
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