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Chemical Resistant

Part No. MALE Joint Pack QTY.
2030-14M 14/20 10
2030-19M 19/22 10

Here are some potential uses for a straight adapter with an internal stem cone:

  1. Vacuum Filtration:
    • The internal stem cone can help secure a filter flask to the adapter, creating a vacuum-tight seal. This is useful in vacuum filtration setups where a liquid is drawn through a filter to separate solid particles.
  2. Distillation Setups:
    • In distillation experiments, the internal stem cone can be advantageous in creating a secure connection between the distillation flask and the condenser. This helps ensure an airtight seal, preventing the loss of vapors.
  3. Chemical Reactions:
    • Straight adapters with internal stem cones can be used to connect reaction vessels securely. This is particularly useful when conducting reactions that require a specific atmosphere or pressure control.
  4. Adapting Different Joint Sizes:
    • The adapter with an internal stem cone can facilitate the connection between glassware with different joint sizes, providing a secure and leak-free transition.
  5. Reducing Dead Space:
    • The internal stem cone can help reduce dead space in the setup, minimizing the risk of contamination or inefficient transfer of gases or liquids between components.
  6. Standardizing Setups:
    • Using adapters with internal stem cones can contribute to standardization in laboratory setups, ensuring compatibility with standardized glassware and equipment.
  7. Laboratory Glassware Assembly:
    • The adapter can be part of a larger glassware assembly, connecting various components such as condensers, receivers, or other pieces in a systematic and secure manner.
  8. Ensuring Sealing Integrity:
    • The internal stem cone design helps maintain a tight and reliable seal, preventing leaks or the entry of contaminants during experimental procedures.
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