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Chemical Resistant

Part No. MALE & FEMALE Joint Pack QTY.
2080-24FM 24/40 10
2080-29FM 29/42 10
2080-45FM 45/50 10

Applications for an adapter with an off-set design in a laboratory setting:

  1. Alignment and Positioning: An off-set adapter could be used to align or position two components in a laboratory setup at a specific distance or angle, ensuring precision in the arrangement of equipment.
  2. Custom Experimental Setups: Researchers often require flexibility in configuring their experimental setups. An off-set adapter might be used to create unique configurations based on the specific needs of an experiment.
  3. Glassware Connection: Off-set adapters can be employed to connect different pieces of laboratory glassware or equipment with a deliberate misalignment. This might be useful in situations where a straight-line connection is not suitable.
  4. Fluid Transfer: In fluid-handling systems, off-set adapters can redirect the flow of liquids or gases. This might be advantageous in situations where a direct, straight-line connection is not feasible.
  5. Space Optimization: Off-set adapters can help optimize limited laboratory space by allowing for connections or alignments that deviate from a straight line. This is particularly useful when working in confined spaces.
  6. Mounting Instruments: In some cases, off-set adapters may be used to mount instruments at specific angles or positions, accommodating the constraints of the laboratory setup.
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