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Chemical Resistant

Part No. BOTH MALE  Joint Offset Centre to Centre Pack QTY.
2120-24M 24/40 170mm 10
2120-29M 29/42 200mm 10

Here are some general uses or applications for a connecting adapter in a laboratory setting:

  1. Glassware Connection: Connecting adapters are often used to join different pieces of laboratory glassware. They can facilitate the secure and airtight connection between various components of an experimental setup.
  2. Flexible Experimental Setups: Connecting adapters provide flexibility in configuring experimental setups. Researchers may need to connect different types of glassware or apparatus, and connecting adapters enable them to do so in a modular and adaptable manner.
  3. Fractional Distillation: In distillation setups, connecting adapters are essential for connecting the boiling flask to the distillation column or connecting different sections of the distillation apparatus.
  4. Reaction Setups: Connecting adapters play a role in connecting reaction vessels, condensers, and other components in chemical synthesis setups. They enable researchers to design and customize their reaction apparatus based on the specific requirements of a reaction.
  5. Vacuum Systems: Connecting adapters are often used in vacuum systems to join different components, such as vacuum pumps, traps, and reaction vessels, maintaining a vacuum-tight connection.
  6. Column Chromatography: In chromatography setups, connecting adapters are used to connect columns, detectors, and other components. They facilitate the flow of solvents and samples through the chromatographic system.
  7. Fluid Transfer: Connecting adapters are employed in fluid-handling systems to establish connections between different types of tubing, syringes, or other fluid-carrying components.
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