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Made of Teflon

Part No.  Joint May be used in Outer Members Pack QTY.
2180-10 10/18 10/18, 10/30 10
2180-14 14/20 14/20, 14/35 10
2180-19 19/22 19/22, 19/38 10
2180-24 24/25 24/25, 24/40 10
2180-29 29/26 29/26, 29/42 10
2180-34 34/28 34/28, 34/45 10

Potential Uses or Applications:

  • Chemical Compatibility: PTFE is highly chemically resistant, making it suitable for use in environments where exposure to corrosive chemicals is a concern. A thermometer adapter with PTFE components may be used in chemical reactions involving acids, bases, or other reactive substances.
  • High Temperatures: PTFE has a high melting point, and it remains stable at elevated temperatures. A thermometer adapter with PTFE may be suitable for applications where high temperatures are involved, such as distillation or reflux processes.
  • Nonstick Properties: PTFE is known for its nonstick properties, which can be beneficial in applications where the material comes in contact with sticky or viscous substances. This feature is useful in preventing residue buildup on the adapter.
  • Sealing and Insulating: PTFE is often used as a sealing material in laboratory equipment due to its ability to provide a tight and reliable seal. In a thermometer adapter, PTFE may be used to create a secure seal around the thermometer, preventing leaks.
  • Versatility: PTFE is versatile and can be used in various laboratory setups. A thermometer adapter with PTFE components may find applications in distillation, reaction monitoring, or any process requiring chemical resistance and high-temperature stability.
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