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Chemical Resistant

Part No.  Joint Length below Joint mm Pack QTY.
2270-24 24/40 200 10
2270-29 29/42 250 10

Here are potential uses for such an adapter in a laboratory setting:

  1. Gas Inlet for Reactions:
    • The 90° bend gas inlet adapter can be used to introduce gases into chemical reactions. This is common in reactions where a controlled atmosphere is required or when specific gases need to be introduced into a reaction vessel.
  2. Inert Gas Blanketing:
    • In processes sensitive to oxygen or moisture, the gas inlet adapter can be used to introduce inert gases (such as nitrogen or argon) for creating an inert atmosphere, minimizing unwanted reactions.
  3. Gas Flow Control:
    • The adapter allows for controlled and regulated flow of gases into the reaction vessel. This is crucial for experiments where precise control of reaction conditions is necessary.
  4. Hydrogenation Reactions:
    • In organic chemistry, the gas inlet can be used for hydrogenation reactions, where hydrogen gas is introduced to facilitate the reduction of unsaturated compounds.
  5. Catalytic Reactions:
    • The gas inlet adapter may be employed in catalytic reactions where a specific gas is required to activate or facilitate the catalytic process.
  6. Gas-Solid Reactions:
    • In experiments involving gas-solid interactions, the gas inlet adapter can be used to introduce gases that will react with solid materials or catalyze specific processes.
  7. Catalyst Activation:
    • Some reactions require the activation of catalysts through the introduction of specific gases. The gas inlet adapter facilitates this process.
  8. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD):
    • In materials science, the gas inlet can be used in CVD processes where gases are introduced for the deposition of thin films onto a substrate.
  9. Laboratory Plumbing:
    • The adapter contributes to the laboratory plumbing system, providing a connection for gas hoses used in various experimental setups.
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