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1920-24M 24/40 10


An ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) adapter with a vacuum, straight design can have various uses in a laboratory setting. These adapters are designed to create a vacuum-tight connection between different glassware components, facilitating processes that require a vacuum. Here are some potential uses for an ASTM adapter with a vacuum, straight design in a lab:

  1. Vacuum Filtration: These adapters are commonly used in vacuum filtration setups, connecting the filtration flask to the vacuum source. This configuration allows for the efficient separation of solids from liquids through a filter.
  2. Rotary Evaporation: In rotary evaporation setups, the straight vacuum adapter can connect the rotary evaporator flask to the vacuum source. This aids in the removal of solvents from samples under reduced pressure and elevated temperatures.
  3. Distillation Processes: Straight vacuum adapters are integral components in vacuum distillation setups, connecting the distillation flask to the vacuum source. This helps lower the boiling points of substances, enabling more controlled distillation.
  4. Vacuum Ovens: In vacuum oven applications, these adapters can be used to connect the oven chamber to the vacuum pump, creating a controlled environment with reduced pressure for drying or heat treatment processes.
  5. Vacuum Desiccation: For drying or removing moisture from samples under vacuum, straight vacuum adapters are used to connect desiccators or drying apparatus to the vacuum source.
  6. Schlenk Line Techniques: In Schlenk line setups, which involve working with air-sensitive compounds, straight vacuum adapters play a crucial role in creating a vacuum-tight connection for various glassware components.
  7. Chemical Synthesis under Reduced Pressure: These adapters can be employed in chemical synthesis processes where reactions are carried out under reduced pressure, allowing for the removal of reaction by-products or facilitating specific reaction conditions.
  8. Analytical Instrumentation: Straight vacuum adapters may be used in conjunction with analytical instruments, such as mass spectrometers, where a vacuum is required for sample introduction and analysis.
  9. Vacuum Degassing: In applications where it is necessary to remove dissolved gases from liquids, straight vacuum adapters can be used to connect degassing apparatus to a vacuum source.
  10. Laboratory Demonstrations and Teaching: Straight vacuum adapters are useful in educational settings for teaching laboratory techniques involving vacuum applications, such as distillation or filtration.
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