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  • Comes with screw thread for a thermometer or to have a rubber hose.
  • Material: 3.3 Boro glass
PART No. NS FEMALE size MALE size Pack(Qty)
2380-14F19M 14/23 19/26 10
2380-19F19M 19/26 19/26 10
2380-19F24M 19/26 24/29 10
2380-24F24M 24/29 24/29 10
2380-29F29M 29/32 29/32 10

Here are some potential uses for a swan neck adapter in a lab:

  1. Gas Washing Bottle:
    • The swan neck adapter can be used to connect to a gas washing bottle. This setup is often employed to pass gases through a liquid (usually a solvent) to remove impurities or capture specific compounds.
  2. Distillation Setup:
    • In a distillation setup, the swan neck adapter can be used to connect the distillation flask to the condenser. The curved shape helps in directing vapor upward and preventing unwanted liquid from entering the condenser.
  3. Reflux Setup:
    • The swan neck adapter is suitable for reflux setups where the curved shape helps in preventing the loss of reaction mixture through evaporation. It directs the vapor back into the reaction vessel.
  4. Chemical Reactions:
    • Swan neck adapters can be used in various chemical reactions to connect different glassware components. The curved design allows for a controlled flow of gases or vapors.
  5. Air-Sensitive Reactions:
    • In reactions sensitive to air or moisture, a swan neck adapter can be used to set up an air-sensitive reaction apparatus. The curved neck helps to trap air and moisture, preventing them from entering the reaction vessel.
  6. Solvent Drying:
    • Swan neck adapters can be part of setups used for drying solvents by passing them through drying agents. The curved shape aids in preventing backflow of impurities.
  7. Organic Synthesis:
    • In organic synthesis, especially when using air-sensitive reagents or reactions prone to evaporation, the swan neck adapter helps maintain controlled reaction conditions.
  8. Laboratory Plumbing:
    • Swan neck adapters can be incorporated into the laboratory plumbing system, providing a curved connection for hoses or tubing in various experimental setups.
  9. Connecting Glassware Components:
    • The swan neck adapter facilitates the connection of different glassware components, allowing for flexibility in designing experimental setups.
  10. Aeration in Fermentation:
    • In microbiology or fermentation studies, a swan neck adapter can be used to allow for aeration while preventing contaminants from entering the culture.
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