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Chemical Resistant

PART No. FEMALE size MALE size Pack(Qty)
1990-19F14M 19/22 14/20 10
1990-24F14M 24/40 14/20 10
1990-24F19M 24/40 19/22 10
1990-29F24M 29/42 24/40 10
1990-45F24M 45/50 24/40 10
    Some Uses:
  1. Thermal Expansion Experiments:
    • An “expansion adapter” may be designed for experiments involving thermal expansion. Ground joints ensure a secure and leak-free connection, and the adapter may allow for adjustments to accommodate changes in volume due to temperature variations.
  2. Reaction Setups with Temperature Changes:
    • In chemical reactions that involve temperature changes, the expansion adapter with ground joints could be utilized to connect glassware that may undergo thermal expansion or contraction during the reaction.
  3. Temperature-Dependent Distillation:
    • In fractional distillation setups where temperature control is critical, an expansion adapter may be employed to connect components with ground joints, providing a secure connection that accommodates changes in volume with temperature.
  4. Heat-Driven Processes:
    • The adapter might be suitable for laboratory setups where heat-driven processes result in changes in the volume of gases or liquids, and the ground joints ensure a reliable connection.
  5. Adjustable Length in Experimental Setups:
    • The term “expansion” suggests the possibility of adjusting the length of the adapter, making it useful in setups where flexibility in the distance between components is required.
  6. Thermally Sensitive Reactions:
    • For reactions or processes that are sensitive to temperature changes, the adapter could be used to connect glassware components with ground joints, providing a stable and secure connection.
  7. Customizable Experimental Configurations:
    • Researchers may use expansion adapters to customize experimental setups by adjusting the length and accommodating changes in volume due to temperature variations.
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