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  • Bend With Vent
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Material: 3.3 Boro Glass
PART No. NS FEMALE size NS MALE size Pack(Qty)
2420-14F14M 14/23 14/23 10
2420-19F19M 19/26 19/26 10
2420-24F24M 24/29 24/29 10
2420-19F24M 19/26 24/29 10
2420-29F29M 29/32 29/32 10

Potential uses of a receiver adapter with a bend and vent in a laboratory setting:

  1. Distillation Setup: Receiver adapters are commonly used in distillation setups. The bend in the adapter allows for the collection of distilled liquid in a receiving flask, while the vent provides a means for any gases or vapors to escape.
  2. Condensation: In setups where condensation is required, the receiver adapter may be part of a condenser system. The bend allows for the collection of condensed liquid, and the vent ensures that any gases formed during the process can escape.
  3. Fractional Distillation: In fractional distillation, the receiver adapter may be used to collect different fractions of a mixture as they condense at different temperatures. The bend and vent help in controlling the separation of components.
  4. Chemical Reactions: Receiver adapters can be used in setups where the products of a chemical reaction need to be collected. The bend and vent ensure that the collected material is pure and any excess gases are safely released.
  5. Solvent Recovery: In processes where solvents are used, a receiver adapter can be employed to collect and recover the solvent after it has evaporated. The vent helps to release any gases or vapors.
  6. Reaction Monitoring: Receiver adapters with bends and vents can be part of reaction monitoring setups, allowing researchers to collect samples at specific time intervals for analysis.
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