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Complies as per DIN 12594
With Drip tip & delivery stem within cone
Straight with vacuum connection & screw thread adapter

 * non DIN / ISO

PART  No. NS FEMALE size NS MALE size Pack(Qty)
2450-14F14M 14/23 14/23 10
2450-14F19M 14/23* 19/26 10
2450-19F19M 19/26 19/26 10
2450-19F24M 19/26* 24/29 10
2450-24F24M 24/29* 24/29 10
2450-24F29M 24/29* 29/32 10
2450-29F29M 29/32 29/32 10


Here are some common uses for a DIN Adapter, Receiver Vacuum Straight in a laboratory:

  1. Vacuum Filtration: The straight receiver adapter can be used in vacuum filtration setups to collect filtrates. It connects to the vacuum source and allows the application of vacuum to draw the liquid through the filtration apparatus.
  2. Rotary Evaporation: In rotary evaporation processes, where solvents are evaporated under vacuum, a straight receiver adapter can be employed to collect the condensed solvent vapor.
  3. Vacuum Distillation: The adapter can be part of vacuum distillation setups, where reduced pressure is used to lower the boiling points of substances. It aids in collecting the distillate.
  4. Schlenk Line Techniques: In inert gas or vacuum techniques, such as those used in Schlenk lines, the straight receiver adapter can be used to collect and transfer reaction products or reagents under controlled conditions.
  5. Solvent Recovery: When working with vacuum-assisted solvent recovery systems, the straight receiver adapter can be utilized to collect and condense evaporated solvents.
  6. Laboratory Degassing: In processes where degassing is required, the vacuum straight receiver adapter can assist in removing dissolved gases from liquids.
  7. Chemical Synthesis: It can be used in various synthetic chemistry applications where vacuum conditions are necessary for the reaction or product isolation.
  8. Distillation Under Reduced Pressure: The straight receiver adapter is suitable for setups involving distillation at reduced pressure, allowing for the collection of fractions under vacuum.
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