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  • Cone with SCREWTHREAD
  • Right angle connection for attachment of rubber hose.
  • The above Adapter can be supplied with PTFE key or PTFE Needle valve Stopcock also. Please ask for prices separately.
1970-14M 14/20 10
1970-24M 24/40 10

Here are potential uses for an ASTM adapter with a cone bend and screw thread in a laboratory setting:

  1. Apparatus Connection:
    • The adapter can be used to connect different pieces of laboratory glassware with compatible screw threads. This is common in assembling complex setups for various experiments.
  2. Vacuum Filtration:
    • In vacuum filtration setups, the cone bend with screw thread can be employed to attach a filtration apparatus securely. The screw thread allows for a tight seal to maintain vacuum conditions.
  3. Fractional Distillation:
    • The adapter may find use in fractional distillation setups where different components of a liquid mixture are separated based on their boiling points. The screw thread ensures a secure connection.
  4. Reaction Setups:
    • The cone bend with screw thread can be part of reaction setups, allowing for the connection of different reaction vessels or components in a controlled and sealed manner.
  5. Laboratory Glassware Modification:
    • It might be used to modify existing laboratory glassware, providing a screw thread connection for versatility and adaptability in various experimental configurations.
  6. Gas or Liquid Transfer:
    • The adapter can be used for controlled transfer of gases or liquids between different containers, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection with the screw thread.
  7. Assembly of Chromatography Columns:
    • In chromatography, the adapter could be utilized to assemble chromatography columns securely. The screw thread ensures a tight connection, preventing leaks during the separation process.
  8. Sample Collection:
    • The adapter might be employed in sample collection setups, allowing for the controlled collection of samples from a reaction vessel or other apparatus.
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