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  • Compliance with DIN 12594
  • Sloping with 2 x B14 Socket
  • Still heads but with extra socket to accept dropping funnel or stirrer etc.

* non DIN / ISO

PART No. NS FEMALE size NS MALE size to fit flask NS MALE size to fit condenser Pack(Qty)
2500-14F14M 14/23 14/23 14/23 10
2500-14F19M 14/23* 19/26 19/26 10
2500-14F24M 14/23* 24/29 19/26 10
2500-14F24M-A 14/23* 24/29 24/29 10
2500-14F29M 14/23 29/32 29/32 10
2500-14F24M-B 14/23* 34/35 24/29 10

Here are some common uses in a laboratory setting:

  1. Fractional Distillation: Claisen Heads are often used in fractional distillation setups. They have two side arms at an angle to the main neck, allowing for the attachment of additional glassware, such as a thermometer or a fractionating column. This design helps improve separation of components based on their boiling points.
  2. Azeotropic Distillation: In situations where azeotropic distillation is required, the Claisen Head can be used to facilitate the separation of azeotropic mixtures by providing additional ports for various glassware attachments.
  3. Reaction Setups: Claisen Heads can be employed in chemical synthesis setups, providing a connection between the reaction vessel and other glassware components. The side arms can be used for the addition of reagents or for attaching condensers.
  4. Reflux Setups: When refluxing is necessary in a chemical reaction, the Claisen Head can be used to connect the reaction flask to the reflux condenser while providing an additional arm for other attachments.
  5. Vigreux Column Attachment: In fractional distillation setups, the side arms of the Claisen Head can be used to attach a Vigreux column, enhancing the separation of components.
  6. Temperature Monitoring: The side arms of the Claisen Head can be utilized for attaching thermometers or temperature probes, enabling precise temperature control during reactions or distillations.
  7. Multiple Reactions: In cases where multiple reactions or parallel processes are carried out simultaneously, the Claisen Head can be used to connect different reaction vessels to a common condenser or other apparatus.
  8. Educational Purposes: Claisen Heads are commonly used in teaching laboratories to demonstrate fractional distillation techniques and to illustrate the principles of separation based on boiling points.
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