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  • These Pipettes are manufactured from ASTM E-438, TYPE-1, BORO 3.3 GLASS.
  • Compliance to ASTM E-969, Standard.
  • Printed in amber color
PART No. Capacity (ml) ± Tol (ml) Colour of Coding Band Pack QTY.
3280-0.5 0.5 0.012 2 Black 10
3280-1 1 0.012 Blue 10
3280-2 2 0.012 Orange 10
3280-3 3 0.02 Black 10
3280-4 4 0.02 2 Red 10
3280-5 5 0.02 White 10
3280-6 6 0.03 2 Orange 10
3280-7 7 0.03 2 Green 10
3280-8 8 0.04 Blue 10
3280-9 9 0.04 Black 10
3280-10 10 0.04 Red 10
3280-15 15 0.06 Green 10
3280-20 20 0.06 Yellow 10
3280-25 25 0.06 Blue 10
3280-30 30 0.06 Black 10
3280-40 40 0.10 White 10
3280-50 50 0.10 Red 10
3280-100 100 0.16 Yellow 10

Here are common uses for ASTM Volumetric Pipette, Class B:

  1. General Laboratory Measurements: Class B volumetric pipettes are commonly used for general liquid measurements in laboratories where a high level of precision is not critical.
  2. Sample Preparation: These pipettes are suitable for preparing samples and solutions where a moderate level of accuracy is sufficient.
  3. Educational Purposes: Class B volumetric pipettes are often used in educational settings to teach students about liquid measurements, laboratory techniques, and the principles of precision in scientific experiments.
  4. Quality Control: In industries and laboratories where moderate accuracy is acceptable for routine quality control checks, Class B pipettes may be used.
  5. Titration Procedures: Class B volumetric pipettes can be used in titration experiments where a high level of precision is not essential, and moderate accuracy is acceptable.
  6. Bulk Solution Preparation: For preparing larger quantities of solutions where precise measurements are not critical, Class B pipettes may be employed.
  7. Dilution Tasks: Class B pipettes can be used for diluting solutions when the exact concentration is not crucial for the experiment or process.
  8. Environmental Monitoring: In environmental laboratories, Class B volumetric pipettes may be used for certain applications where the highest level of precision is not required.
  9. Routine Laboratory Tasks: Class B pipettes are suitable for various routine laboratory tasks that do not demand the highest level of accuracy, such as general liquid transfers.
  10. Research and Development: In research and development laboratories, Class B pipettes can be used for preliminary experiments or when the highest precision is not a primary concern.
  11. Chemical Synthesis: For certain chemical synthesis processes where a moderate level of precision is acceptable, Class B volumetric pipettes may be used for transferring liquids during reactions.
  12. Non-Critical Applications: Class B pipettes can find application in situations where a high level of precision is not critical, and moderate accuracy is sufficient for the intended purpose.
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