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3420-Graduated Pipette (Serological), CLASS-AS, Individual work certificate, USP


3420-Graduated Pipette (Serological), CLASS-AS, Individual work certificate, USP

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Graduated Pipette (Serological), CLASS-AS

  • Calibrated to deliver in compliance with USP Standard
    • Printed in CERAMIC color enamel
    • With Individual work certificate
PART No. Capacity (ml) Sub Division  ± Tol (ml) Colour of Coding Band Pack QTY.
3420-0.1 0.1 0.01 0.010 WHITE 10
3420-0.2 0.2 0.01 0.010 BLACK 10
3420-1 1 0.01 0.010 YELLOW 10
3420-2 2 0.2 0.010 BLACK 10
3420-5 5 0.5 0.020 RED 10
3420-10 10 0.10 0.030 ORANGE 10
3420-25 25 0.10 0.050 WHITE 10

Potential uses for such a pipette:

  1. Pharmaceutical Quality Control:
    • Class AS serological pipettes with individual work certificates are often used in pharmaceutical laboratories for quality control purposes. They ensure accurate and precise measurement of liquid volumes, which is crucial in the production of pharmaceuticals to meet regulatory requirements.
  2. USP Compliance:
    • The design according to USP standards indicates that the pipette meets the specific requirements outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia. This is particularly important in pharmaceutical and healthcare settings where adherence to regulatory standards is mandatory.
  3. Drug Formulation:
    • In pharmaceutical research and development, these pipettes can be employed for precise measurements during the formulation of drug compounds. Accurate liquid handling is essential to ensure the consistency and efficacy of pharmaceutical products.
  4. Clinical Laboratories:
    • Class AS serological pipettes are suitable for use in clinical laboratories where high precision is required for tasks such as blood sample preparation, serological testing, and other diagnostic procedures.
  5. Biotechnology and Life Sciences:
    • Research laboratories in the biotechnology and life sciences fields may utilize these pipettes for tasks such as molecular biology experiments, cell culture work, and other applications where precise liquid handling is critical.
  6. Reference Standardization:
    • Pipettes with individual work certificates are often used as reference standards. Laboratories can use these pipettes to calibrate and standardize other pipettes in their inventory, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the laboratory.
  7. Accreditation and Audits:
    • Laboratories seeking accreditation or undergoing audits may prefer pipettes with individual work certificates as they provide documented evidence of the pipette’s performance and adherence to specifications.
  8. Critical Research Applications:
    • In scientific research where highly accurate and reproducible results are essential, Class AS serological pipettes may be preferred for tasks requiring the utmost precision in liquid handling.
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