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3450-Graduated Pipettes Type-3 (Serological), Class AS, Batch certificate, ISO


3450-Graduated Pipettes Type-3 (Serological), Class AS, Batch certificate, ISO

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Graduated Pipettes Type 3 (Serological), Class AS

• Compliance with ISO 835 Standard
• with batch certificate

PART No. Capacity (ml) Sub Division  ± Tol (ml) Colour of Coding Band Pack QTY.
3450-0.1 0.1 0.01 0.006 WHITE 10
3450-0.2 0.2 0.01 0.006 BLACK 10
3450-1Y 1 0.01 0.007 YELLOW 10
3450-1R 1 0.10 0.007 RED 10
3450-2B 2 0.2 0.010 BLACK 10
3450-2G 2 0.10 0.010 GREEN 10
3450-5R 5 0.5 0.030 RED 10
3450-5B 5 0.10 0.030 BLUE 10
3450-10 10 0.10 0.050 ORANGE 10
3450-25 25 0.10 0.100 WHITE 10

Here are potential uses for such pipettes:

  1. Analytical Chemistry:
    • Class AS serological pipettes are commonly used in analytical chemistry laboratories for precise liquid handling in quantitative analyses, titrations, and other experiments where accurate volume measurements are crucial.
  2. ISO Compliance:
    • The design according to ISO standards ensures that the pipettes adhere to internationally recognized standards for accuracy and performance. This compliance is essential for laboratories that prioritize conformity to standardized procedures.
  3. Quality Control in Manufacturing:
    • Industries, especially those involving the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other products, may use these pipettes for quality control purposes to ensure the accurate measurement of ingredients and adherence to specifications.
  4. Medical and Clinical Laboratories:
    • Class AS pipettes can be utilized in medical and clinical laboratories for tasks such as blood sample preparation, serological testing, and diagnostic procedures where high precision and accuracy are essential.
  5. Biotechnology and Life Sciences:
    • Research laboratories in biotechnology and life sciences may employ these pipettes for experiments requiring precise liquid handling, such as cell culture work, molecular biology applications, and other critical research tasks.
  6. Reference Standardization:
    • Pipettes with a batch certificate can serve as reference standards for calibration and standardization purposes in laboratories. The batch certificate provides assurance that the entire batch of pipettes meets specified criteria.
  7. Accreditation and Audits:
    • Laboratories seeking accreditation or undergoing audits may prefer pipettes with a batch certificate as part of the documentation required to demonstrate compliance with standards and quality assurance.
  8. Environmental Testing:
    • Pipettes with high precision are valuable in environmental testing laboratories for accurate sample measurements and analyses, especially in studies related to water quality, air quality, and soil analysis.
  9. Food and Beverage Industry:
    • The pipettes may find applications in the food and beverage industry for quality control, ensuring accurate measurements in the production of food products and beverages.
  10. Calibration Services:
    • Organizations or laboratories offering calibration services may use these pipettes as part of their calibration standards, ensuring the accuracy of measurement instruments used by other entities.
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