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3460-Pipettes, Gerber, Milk


3460-Pipettes, Gerber, Milk

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Pipettes, Gerber, Milk 

  • Used for testing milk by the Gerber method.
  • Are one-mark transfer Pipettes for measuring 10.75 ml
  • Also be used in rural Milk Collection Centres
PART No. Capacity (ml)  ± Tol (ml) Pack QTY.
3460 10.75 0.03 10

Here are the primary uses of Gerber pipettes in milk analysis:

  1. Fat Content Measurement:
    • The main purpose of Gerber pipettes is to accurately measure the fat content in milk samples. The Gerber method involves separating the fat from other components in the milk, and Gerber pipettes are instrumental in this process.
  2. Dairy Quality Control:
    • Gerber pipettes are essential tools for quality control in dairy processing. By accurately measuring the fat content, dairy producers can ensure that their products meet regulatory standards and consumer expectations.
  3. Milk Testing Laboratories:
    • Milk testing laboratories use Gerber pipettes to perform routine analyses on milk samples. This is particularly important for dairy farmers, cooperatives, and processing plants to monitor the quality of milk before it goes to market.
  4. Determination of Butterfat Percentage:
    • The Gerber method, facilitated by Gerber pipettes, allows for the determination of the butterfat percentage in milk. This information is valuable for various purposes, including product labeling and pricing in the dairy industry.
  5. Adulteration Detection:
    • Gerber pipettes can be used to detect potential adulteration or dilution of milk by providing accurate fat content measurements. This is critical for preventing fraudulent practices and ensuring the integrity of dairy products.
  6. Compliance with Regulatory Standards:
    • Gerber pipettes are used to ensure compliance with regulatory standards for milk quality. Different regions may have specific regulations regarding the minimum fat content allowed in milk for it to be labeled and sold as a certain type.
  7. Research and Development:
    • In research settings, Gerber pipettes may be used for studying and improving the methods used in milk analysis. Researchers may explore modifications to the Gerber method or develop new techniques for assessing milk quality.
  8. Process Optimization:
    • Dairy processing plants use Gerber pipettes to optimize their production processes. Accurate fat content measurements help in adjusting processing parameters to achieve desired product characteristics.
  9. Farm Management:
    • On dairy farms, Gerber pipettes can be used for on-site testing to monitor the fat content in milk produced by individual cows. This information may guide feeding practices and overall herd management.
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