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3474-Liquid Handling, Fixed Micropipette


3474-Liquid Handling, Fixed Micropipette

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Fixed Micropipette

• Fully autoclavable & UV resistance
• “CE” mark awarded
• Click-stop system for digital volume setting.
• Ergonomic Design ensuring light weight & soft plunger movement.
• Two step plunger operation allows “reverse pipetting technique”.
• Calibration as per DIN 12650 & EN-ISO 8655 standards.
• High accuracy and precision guaranteed.
• Individual serial No. permanently marked on each pipette.
• Calibration report enclosed with every pipette.
• Color coded for easy identification

PART No. Volume Range (µl) Pack QTY.
3474-2.5 2.5 1
3474-5 5 1
3474-10 10 1
3474-20 20 1
3474-25 25 1
3474-50 50 1
3474-100 100 1
3474-200 200 1
3474-250 250 1
3474-500 500 1
3474-1000 1000 1
3474-2000 2000 1
3474-5000 5000 1
3474-10000 10000 1

Here are some common uses of fixed micropipettes in laboratory work:

  1. Routine Laboratory Measurements:
    • Fixed micropipettes are often used for routine tasks in laboratories where a specific, fixed volume is consistently needed, such as aliquoting reagents or samples.
  2. Sample Preparation:
    • In sample preparation for various laboratory analyses, fixed micropipettes are employed to measure and dispense specific volumes of solutions, buffers, or samples.
  3. Serial Dilutions:
    • For experiments that involve serial dilutions, fixed micropipettes are used to deliver precise volumes of a solution at each dilution step.
  4. DNA and RNA Work:
    • In molecular biology applications, fixed micropipettes can be used for tasks such as DNA and RNA quantification, sample preparation, and PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) setup.
  5. Protein Assays:
    • Fixed micropipettes find application in protein assays, including protein quantification and other biochemical analyses requiring accurate liquid handling.
  6. Cell Culture:
    • In cell culture work, fixed micropipettes are used for tasks like dispensing growth media, reagents, and cell suspensions into culture plates and dishes.
  7. Enzyme Assays:
    • Fixed micropipettes are employed in enzyme assays where precise volumes of substrates, enzymes, and reaction mixtures need to be added.
  8. Chemical Synthesis:
    • In organic chemistry and chemical synthesis, fixed micropipettes can be used for accurately dispensing specific amounts of reagents in reactions.
  9. Quality Control:
    • Fixed micropipettes may be used in quality control processes to ensure the accuracy and consistency of liquid volumes in various laboratory procedures.
  10. Educational Laboratories:
    • In educational settings, fixed micropipettes are often used for teaching basic laboratory techniques and introducing students to accurate liquid handling.
  11. Food and Beverage Testing:
    • Laboratories conducting tests related to food and beverage quality may use fixed micropipettes for precise liquid measurements in assays and analyses.
  12. Environmental Monitoring:
    • Fixed micropipettes can be utilized in environmental laboratories for tasks related to water quality testing and environmental monitoring.
  13. Microplate Assays:
    • In microplate-based assays, where multiple samples are processed simultaneously, fixed micropipettes can be used for accurate dispensing into microplate wells.
  14. Forensic Analysis:
    • In forensic laboratories, fixed micropipettes may be employed for specific tasks related to DNA analysis and other forensic techniques.
  15. Clinical Diagnostics:
    • Fixed micropipettes can be used in clinical laboratories for specific diagnostic tests that require accurate and consistent liquid handling.
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