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3476-High Performance Micro Volume Pipette, Multi Channel


3476-High Performance Micro Volume Pipette, Multi Channel

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Fully autoclavable.
• UV resistance.
• “CE”mark awarded.
• Click-stop system for digital volume set ting.
• Ergonomic Design ensuring light weight & sof t plunger movement.
• Two step plunger operation allows “reverse pipet ting technique”.
• Calibration as per DIN 12650 & EN-ISO 8655 standards.
• High accuracy and precision guaranteed.
• Individual serial No. permanently marked on each pipet te.
• Calibration repor t enclosed with every pipet te.
• Color coded for easy identification.
• Manifold can rotate 360o to allow convenient pipet ting angle.
• One hand tip ejection.

PART No. Volume Range (µl) Increment(µl) Pack QTY.
3476-0.5 0.5 10 0.1 1
3476-5 5 50 0.5 1
3476-10 10 100 0.5 1
3476-20 20 200 0.5 1
3476-30 30 300 1.0 1

Here are some common uses of high-performance multi-channel micro-volume pipettes:

  1. High-Throughput Screening (HTS):
    • Multi-channel pipettes are ideal for high-throughput screening applications, such as drug discovery, where multiple samples need to be dispensed or aspirated quickly and accurately.
  2. ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay):
    • ELISA assays involve the measurement of proteins, antibodies, or antigens in multiple samples. Multi-channel pipettes are used for dispensing reagents into microplate wells during the various steps of the assay.
  3. Plate Replication:
    • Multi-channel pipettes are commonly used for replicating samples across microplates, ensuring uniformity in experimental conditions for various types of assays.
  4. Microarray Experiments:
    • In microarray experiments, where multiple samples are applied to a substrate for analysis, multi-channel pipettes are used to dispense small volumes of samples onto microarray slides.
  5. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction):
    • Multi-channel pipettes are utilized in PCR setups where several reaction mixtures need to be dispensed into multi-well plates for amplification of nucleic acids.
  6. Nucleic Acid Purification:
    • Multi-channel pipettes are employed in nucleic acid purification processes, facilitating the parallel processing of multiple samples in genomic research.
  7. Library Preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS):
    • In NGS workflows, library preparation involves handling multiple samples simultaneously. Multi-channel pipettes are useful for dispensing reagents in library preparation steps.
  8. Sample Dilution Series:
    • Multi-channel pipettes are employed in preparing sample dilution series, allowing for efficient and accurate dispensing of different concentrations across multiple wells.
  9. Protein Crystallography:
    • For protein crystallography experiments, multi-channel pipettes are used to set up crystallization trials by dispensing precise volumes of protein solutions, precipitants, and buffers.
  10. Cell-Based Assays:
    • Multi-channel pipettes find application in cell-based assays where various reagents, including cell culture media, compounds, or antibodies, need to be added to multiple wells simultaneously.
  11. Enzyme Kinetics Assays:
    • In enzyme kinetics studies, where the reaction rates of enzymes are measured over time, multi-channel pipettes assist in dispensing substrates and other assay components across multiple reaction wells.
  12. Quality Control in Diagnostics:
    • Laboratories conducting quality control tests in diagnostic settings use multi-channel pipettes for efficient handling of samples and reagents, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility.
  13. Parallel Processing:
    • Multi-channel pipettes are valuable for parallel processing of samples in various laboratory applications, improving efficiency and reducing the time required for experiments.
  14. Array Printing:
    • In the production of microarrays or protein arrays, multi-channel pipettes are used for dispensing multiple samples onto slides or chips.
  15. Microfluidics Experiments:
    • Multi-channel pipettes are employed in microfluidics experiments where precise dispensing of small volumes is required in microscale systems.
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