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3640-CLEAR GLASS, Measuring Cylinder Graduated, Hex Base, Class A, Unserialized


3640-CLEAR GLASS, Measuring Cylinder Graduated, Hex Base, Class A, Unserialized

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  • With Double Metric Scale, TC (To Contain)
  • Cylinders are made to meet ASTM E 1272 norms
  • Printed in amber enamel
  • With batch certificate
PART No. Capacity (ml) SUB DIVISION (ml)




Pack QTY
3640-5 5 0.1 0.5 2
3640-10 10 0.1 0.1 2
3640-25 25 0.2 0.17 2
3640-50 50 1 0.25 2
3640-100 100 1 0.5 2
3640-250 250 2 1 2
3640-500 500 5 2 2
3640-1000 1000 10 3 2
3640-2000 2000 20 6 2

Here are some common uses for such a measuring cylinder:

  1. Accurate Volume Measurements: Measuring cylinders are designed to accurately measure the volume of liquids. The graduated markings on the cylinder allow for precise readings, and the Class A designation indicates a high level of accuracy.
  2. Solution Preparation: In laboratories, scientists often need to prepare solutions with specific concentrations. The measuring cylinder helps in adding the exact volumes of different liquids to achieve the desired concentrations.
  3. Transfer of Liquids: Measuring cylinders are useful for transferring liquids from one container to another. The graduated scale ensures that the desired volume is transferred accurately.
  4. Chemical Reactions: When specific volumes of reactants are required for chemical reactions, a measuring cylinder is used to add the precise amounts needed.
  5. Educational Purposes: These measuring cylinders are commonly used in educational institutions for teaching students about accurate volume measurements and the principles of liquid handling.
  6. Hex Base Stability: The hexagonal base provides stability and prevents the measuring cylinder from easily tipping over. This is particularly important when working with potentially hazardous or valuable liquids.
  7. Transparent Observations: The clear glass construction allows for easy visual observation of the liquid inside the cylinder. This is important for monitoring reactions, checking for impurities, or simply ensuring the correct volume is measured.
  8. Class A Accuracy: Class A indicates a high level of accuracy and precision. This is crucial in scientific experiments where even small errors in volume measurements can significantly affect results.
  9. Unserialized Identification: While some measuring cylinders are serialized for traceability, unserialized ones are still widely used in routine laboratory work where traceability is not a primary concern. They offer cost-effective solutions for various applications.
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