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3650-Clear Glass, Measuring Cylinder Graduated Class B, Hex Base


3650-Clear Glass, Measuring Cylinder Graduated Class B, Hex Base

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  • With Double Metric Scale, TC (To Contain)
  • Cylinders are made to meet ASTM E 1272 norms
  • Printed in amber enamel
PART No. Capacity (ml) SUB DIVISION (ml)




Pack QTY
3650-5 5 0.1 0.1 2
3650-10 10 0.1 0.2 2
3650-25 25 0.2 0.34 2
3650-50 50 1 0.5 2
3650-100 100 1 1.0 2
3650-250 250 2 2.0 2
3650-500 500 5 4.0 2
3650-1000 1000 10 6.0 2
3650-2000 2000 20 12.0 2

Here are some common uses for a Class B graduated measuring cylinder with a hex base:

  1. General Volume Measurements: Class B measuring cylinders are suitable for general laboratory purposes where a high degree of accuracy is not critical. They are commonly used for routine measurements and less precise applications.
  2. Educational Settings: Class B measuring cylinders are often used in educational laboratories, where the emphasis is on teaching basic measurement skills rather than demanding high precision.
  3. Bulk Solution Preparation: If the experiment or procedure allows for a margin of error in volume measurements, a Class B measuring cylinder can be used for bulk preparation of solutions.
  4. Qualitative Analysis: In situations where the exact volume is not crucial, such as qualitative analysis or initial screenings, a Class B measuring cylinder may be sufficient.
  5. Hex Base Stability: The hexagonal base provides stability, reducing the risk of the measuring cylinder tipping over during routine, less critical tasks.
  6. Transparent Observations: Similar to Class A cylinders, the clear glass construction allows for easy visual observation of the liquid inside, making it suitable for various applications where clarity is important.
  7. Cost-Effective Solutions: Class B measuring cylinders are generally more cost-effective than Class A instruments. Therefore, they are chosen for applications where the higher accuracy of Class A is not required, and budget considerations are a factor.
  8. Unserialized Identification: Like Class A, some Class B measuring cylinders may be unserialized, providing a practical and economical solution for laboratories where traceability is not a primary concern.
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