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3750-Amber Glass, Measuring Cylinder with Hexagonal Base, Class-A, batch certificate


3750-Amber Glass, Measuring Cylinder with Hexagonal Base, Class-A, batch certificate

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  • Certificate as per DIN EN ISO 4788
  • With conformity batch certificate
  • Printed in white enamel

* Non DIN

PART No. Capacity (ml) SUB DIVISION (ml) ±Tol.(ml)

Pack QTY.
3750-5* 5* 0.1 0.05 2
3750-10 10 0.2 0.10 2
3750-25 25 0.5 0.25 2
3750-50 50 1.0 0.50 2
3750-100 100 1.0 0.50 2
3750-250 250 2.0 1.00 2
3750-500 500 5.0 2.50 2
3750-1000 1000 10.0 5.00 1
3750-2000 2000 20.0 10.00 1

Here are some common uses for a measuring cylinder with these specifications:

  1. Light-Sensitive Solutions: Amber glass provides protection against UV and visible light, making this type of measuring cylinder suitable for handling light-sensitive solutions in situations where exposure to light could compromise the stability of the substances.
  2. Pharmaceutical Formulations: In pharmaceutical laboratories, where precise measurements are critical for the formulation of medications, amber glass measuring cylinders with Class A accuracy and a batch certificate may be used to ensure the entire batch meets stringent quality control standards.
  3. Quality Control and Assurance: Measuring cylinders with a batch certificate are employed in quality control processes, offering assurance that all instruments within a specific production batch meet the same calibration and accuracy criteria.
  4. Reference Standards: Batch certificates provide documentation for an entire batch of measuring cylinders, making them suitable as reference standards in laboratories. This ensures consistency and traceability for critical measurements.
  5. Analytical Chemistry: In analytical chemistry, particularly when working with light-sensitive compounds, these measuring cylinders can be used for accurate volume measurements required in various analytical methods and procedures.
  6. Research and Development: In research and development settings where precision, traceability, and quality control are paramount, these measuring cylinders may be utilized, especially when developing new pharmaceuticals or analytical methods.
  7. Environmental Analysis: In environmental laboratories, where precise measurements are necessary for water quality analysis or pollution monitoring, amber glass measuring cylinders with Class A accuracy and batch certificates may be employed.
  8. Hexagonal Base Stability: The hexagonal base design provides stability during measurements, reducing the risk of accidental spills or tipping over, which is essential in applications requiring accuracy.
  9. Serialized Traceability: While batch certificates may not include individual serial numbers, they provide traceability for the entire batch. This can still be valuable in situations where ensuring consistent quality across multiple instruments is essential.
  10. Specialized Laboratory Applications: In laboratories dealing with specific substances that are both light-sensitive and require accurate measurements, such as certain chemicals or biological samples, these measuring cylinders are chosen for their protective and precise characteristics.
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