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3830-Clear glass, Measuring Cylinder with Round Base, Class-A, (Economy Model) DIN/ISO with batch certificate


3830-Clear glass, Measuring Cylinder with Round Base, Class-A, (Economy Model) DIN/ISO with batch certificate

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  • Complies as per DIN EN ISO 4788
  • With conformity batch certificate
  • Printed in Blue color

* Non DIN

PART No. Capacity (ml) SUB DIVISION (ml) ±Tol.(ml)

Pack QTY.
3830-5* 5* 0.1 0.05 2
3830-10 10 0.2 0.10 2
3830-25 25 0.5 0.25 2
3830-50 50 1.0 0.50 2
3830-100 100 1.0 0.50 2
3830-250 250 2.0 1.00 2
3830-500 500 5.0 2.50 2
3830-1000 1000 10.0 5.00 1
3830-2000 2000 20.0 10.00 1

Here are some common applications for such a measuring cylinder:

  1. Volume Measurements in Laboratory Settings: This measuring cylinder is suitable for accurate and precise volume measurements in various laboratory applications.
  2. Analytical Chemistry: In analytical chemistry laboratories, where precise volume measurements are crucial for accurate analysis, this measuring cylinder can be used for quantitative procedures.
  3. Quality Control: Industries, including pharmaceuticals and chemicals, may use these measuring cylinders for quality control purposes to ensure the accuracy of volume measurements in manufacturing processes.
  4. Reference Standards: Measuring cylinders with batch certificates can serve as reference standards in laboratories, providing traceability and ensuring the accuracy of volume measurements across a group of instruments.
  5. Educational Purposes: This economy model measuring cylinder is suitable for educational purposes, allowing students to learn about volume measurements and laboratory techniques.
  6. Routine Laboratory Measurements: For routine measurements where a high level of precision is not necessarily required, this economy model can provide accurate enough results.
  7. Research and Development: In research and development laboratories, where a balance between precision and cost-effectiveness is essential, this measuring cylinder may find applications in various experiments.
  8. Environmental Analysis: Laboratories involved in environmental analysis, particularly those focused on water quality or pollution monitoring, may use this measuring cylinder for accurate volume measurements.
  9. Hex Base Stability: The round base design provides stability during measurements, minimizing the risk of accidental spills or tipping over, which is important in applications requiring accuracy.
  10. Industrial Applications: In certain industrial processes where moderate precision is acceptable, this economy model measuring cylinder may be used for routine measurements or quality checks.
  11. Chemical Formulations: In laboratories involved in chemical formulations, especially when precise measurements are required for solutions, this measuring cylinder can be employed.
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