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4530-Automatic Burette in Schellbach stripe, Class AS with PTFE stopcock, DIN/ISO


4530-Automatic Burette in Schellbach stripe, Class AS with PTFE stopcock, DIN/ISO

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• With Batch Certificate
• With Intermediate PTFE Stopcock
• Complies with DIN/ISO 385 standard
• Schellbach stripe for accurate menscus reading

PART No. Capacity (ml) Division (ml) ±Tol. (ml) PACK Qty.
4530-10 10 0.05 0.02 12
4530-25 25 0.10 0.03 12
4530-50 50 0.10 0.05 12

Here are some common uses for this type of automatic burette:

  1. High-Precision Titration Procedures:
    • Automatic burettes with a Schellbach stripe and a PTFE stopcock are ideal for high-precision titration experiments, providing accurate and controlled delivery of titrant during the titration process.
  2. Quantitative Analysis in Analytical Chemistry:
    • Laboratories performing quantitative analyses, especially those requiring the highest level of accuracy, may use Class AS automatic burettes for precise volumetric measurements in accordance with DIN/ISO standards.
  3. Quality Control in Industries:
    • Industries with stringent quality control requirements, such as pharmaceuticals or chemical manufacturing, may utilize automatic burettes for accurate dispensing and measurement of reagents during quality control procedures.
  4. Standardization of Solutions:
    • Automatic burettes with PTFE stopcocks designed to meet DIN/ISO standards are suitable for the preparation and standardization of solutions, ensuring accuracy in concentration determinations.
  5. Research and Development:
    • In research laboratories, especially those focused on developing new methods and processes, these automatic burettes are employed for highly accurate and controlled dispensing of reagents.
  6. Sensitive Analytical Procedures:
    • Applications that demand the utmost accuracy, such as sensitive analytical procedures or assays, can benefit from the precision offered by Class AS automatic burettes with a Schellbach stripe and PTFE stopcock.
  7. Chemical Compatibility:
    • The PTFE stopcock ensures chemical resistance, making these burettes suitable for use with a wide range of reagents and solutions without the risk of chemical reactions with the stopcock material.
  8. Versatile Liquid Dispensing:
    • Automatic burettes with a PTFE stopcock and Schellbach stripe offer versatility in dispensing liquids with the highest degree of accuracy, making them suitable for various laboratory procedures.
  9. Documentation and Traceability:
    • Burettes designed to meet DIN/ISO standards often come with documentation and traceability features, ensuring compliance with recognized quality standards.
  10. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Laboratories subject to specific regulatory requirements may use automatic burettes designed to meet DIN/ISO standards to ensure compliance with industry norms and regulations.
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