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4740-Beakers, Tall form with Spout DIN/ISO


4740-Beakers, Tall form with Spout DIN/ISO

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  • Complies with DIN 12331 & ISO 3819
  • Large labeling field for easy marking
  • Clear Graduation for easy reading convenience
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Ideal for heating liquids
  • Clear metric Graduation for convenience
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack

 * Non Din

PART  No. Capacity (ml) Dia (mm) Height (mm) PACK Qty.
4740-50 50 38 70 12
4740-100 100 48 80 12
4740-150 150 54 95 12
4740-250 250 60 120 12
4740-400 400 70 130 12
4740-500 500 75 142 12
4740-600 600 80 150 6
4740-1000* 1000* 90 192 6
4740-2000 2000 120 240 6

Here are some common uses for these beakers in a laboratory setting:

  1. Precise Measurements: The tall form of these beakers allows for more accurate volume measurements, especially when dealing with larger volumes of liquids.
  2. General Mixing and Stirring: Tall-form beakers with a spout are commonly used for general mixing and stirring of liquids or solutions in larger quantities. The spout facilitates controlled pouring and transfer of the mixed contents.
  3. Reagent Preparation: These beakers are suitable for preparing and measuring reagents before experiments, especially when larger volumes are required. The spout allows for precise pouring of reagents into other containers.
  4. Heating and Boiling: Beakers with tall form and a spout can be placed on a hot plate or over a Bunsen burner for heating and boiling larger volumes of liquids. The spout aids in easy and controlled pouring of heated contents.
  5. Titration: The tall form of these beakers is advantageous for titration experiments where larger sample sizes are involved. The spout allows for controlled pouring during titrations.
  6. Dilution: Tall-form beakers with spouts are appropriate for diluting solutions to specific concentrations, especially when dealing with larger quantities. The spout design allows for accurate pouring during the dilution process.
  7. Solution Transfer: The spout facilitates easy and controlled pouring, making these beakers suitable for transferring larger volumes of solutions from one container to another.
  8. Media Preparation: In microbiology and cell culture laboratories, these beakers may be used for preparing and measuring larger quantities of growth media. The spout helps in accurately dispensing the media.
  9. Quality Control Testing: Beakers with tall form and spouts can be used for various quality control tests where larger volumes of liquids need to be poured with precision.
  10. Chemical Storage: They can be used for temporary storage of larger volumes of liquids during experiments due to their convenient pouring spout.
  11. Educational Purposes: Tall-form beakers with spouts are commonly used in educational laboratories for teaching basic principles of chemistry and laboratory techniques, especially when demonstrating experiments with larger quantities.
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