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  • Chemical Resistant
PART  No. Dia (mm) Height (mm) PACK Qty.
4780-60-120 60 120 4
4780-100-100 100 100 4
4780-100-150 100 150 4
4780-100-200 100 200 4
4780-120-120 120 120 4
4780-120-240 120 240 4
4780-120-260 120 260 4

Here are some common uses for glass beaker jars in a laboratory setting:

  1. Sample Storage: Glass beaker jars are used for storing liquid or solid samples in a laboratory. They provide a transparent and inert container that allows for easy observation of the contents.
  2. Chemical Reagent Storage: Beaker jars are suitable for storing small to moderate quantities of chemical reagents. They help keep reagents organized and accessible for experiments.
  3. Reagent Mixing: Beaker jars can be used for mixing or diluting reagents. Their wide mouths and flat bases make them suitable for various mixing applications.
  4. Solution Preparation: Glass beaker jars are used to prepare solutions of different concentrations. They provide a convenient vessel for measuring, mixing, and storing solutions.
  5. Culture Media Preparation: In microbiology and cell culture laboratories, beaker jars are employed for preparing and storing culture media. They are often autoclavable for sterilization.
  6. Solvent Storage: Beaker jars are suitable for storing solvents used in laboratory processes. The glass construction ensures chemical compatibility and minimizes contamination.
  7. Sedimentation Studies: Beaker jars with a wide mouth are useful for sedimentation studies, allowing researchers to observe the settling of particles in suspensions.
  8. Heating and Boiling: Certain types of beaker jars are heat-resistant and can be used for heating or boiling liquids on a hot plate or over a Bunsen burner.
  9. Specimen Collection: In some biological and environmental studies, beaker jars may be used for collecting and temporarily storing specimens.
  10. Display: In teaching laboratories or for demonstrations, glass beaker jars can be used to display different substances or phenomena.
  11. Archiving: Glass beaker jars with airtight lids may be used for long-term storage or archiving of certain laboratory samples.
  12. Freezing: Some beaker jars are suitable for freezing samples for storage at low temperatures.
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