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4860-Clear Glass, Bottle, Single Neck, ASTM


4860-Clear Glass, Bottle, Single Neck, ASTM

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  • Chemical Resistant
  • Made of 3.3 Boro Glass
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Outer Joint Approx. O.D. X Height PACK Qty.
4860-250 250 24/40 67 X 150 6
4860-500 500 24/40 83 X 178 6
4860-1000 1000 24/40 105 X 215 1
4860-2000 2000 29/42 130 X 255 1
4860-4000 4000 29/42 175 X 300 1
4860-9000 9000 45/50 203 X 435 1


As for the specific uses of clear glass bottles with a single neck in laboratory settings, they are versatile and can be employed for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. Sample Storage: Clear glass bottles are commonly used for storing liquid samples in laboratories. The transparency of the glass allows for easy visual inspection of the contents.
  2. Chemical Reagent Storage: These bottles can be used to store various chemical reagents in liquid form, providing a secure and visible container for laboratory chemicals.
  3. Solution Preparation: Clear glass bottles with a single neck are suitable for preparing and storing solutions for experiments and analyses.
  4. Titration: In titration experiments, where precise volumes of one solution are reacted with another, clear glass bottles with a single neck may be used for the standard solutions.
  5. General Lab Use: These bottles can serve as general-purpose containers for various laboratory processes, offering a simple and reliable vessel for holding liquids.
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