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4920-Bottles, Reagent Bottle, Narrow Mouth ASTM


4920-Bottles, Reagent Bottle, Narrow Mouth ASTM

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  • Made from ASTM E-438, TYPE-1, CLASS-A, BORO 3.3 GLASS
  • These bottles come with pressed flat stopper
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Stopper No. PACK Qty.
4920-125 125 19 10
4920-250 250 19 6
4920-500 500 24 6
4920-1000 1000 29 1
4920-2000 2000 29 1

Here are some general uses of reagent bottles with a narrow mouth in laboratories, even though they might not be explicitly specified in an ASTM standard:

  1. Chemical Storage: Reagent bottles are commonly used for storing and dispensing various chemical reagents in laboratory settings. The narrow mouth helps control the pouring of reagents and reduces the risk of spills.
  2. Sample Storage: These bottles are suitable for storing liquid samples in laboratories. The narrow mouth allows for precise pouring and dispensing of samples.
  3. Reagent Dispensing: Reagent bottles with a narrow mouth are designed for controlled dispensing of reagents during laboratory procedures and experiments.
  4. Solvent Storage: They can be used for storing solvents and other liquid substances used in laboratory work.
  5. Media Storage: In microbiology and cell culture laboratories, reagent bottles may be used for storing culture media or other solutions.
  6. Titration: Reagent bottles with narrow mouths are often used in titration experiments where controlled dispensing of titrants is critical.
  7. Quality Control: In analytical laboratories, reagent bottles are used to store standardized solutions and reagents for quality control purposes.
  8. Reagent Handling: The narrow mouth design allows for precise control when transferring reagents from the bottle to other containers or reaction vessels.
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