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5050-Bottles, Tooled Neck, Amber Unground


5050-Bottles, Tooled Neck, Amber Unground

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  • Recommended use with light-sensitive media and for long-term storage of substances
  • Mechanically strong and chemical resistant
  • Large durable white colour enamelled area for marking
  • The uniform Amber colour is highly durable and has high chemical resistance
  • Protects media from light radiation with a wave-length between 300 mm and 500mm
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Dia (mm) Height (mm) PACK Qty.
5050-250 250 70 138 10
5050-500 500 86 176 10
5050-1000 1000 101 225 2
5050-2000 2000 136 260 2


Bottles with tooled necks and amber unground finishes are likely used in laboratory applications where protection against light exposure is crucial. The amber color helps shield light-sensitive substances from degradation caused by UV and visible light exposure.

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