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5060-Bottle, Aspirator, with GL 45 Cap with Tubulation


5060-Bottle, Aspirator, with GL 45 Cap with Tubulation

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  • Made From Heat Resistant Boro 3.3 Glass
  • These bottles comes with autoclavable PP Screw caps & pouring rings
  • These bottles have durable large white color enamel marking area
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Approx. O.D *Height (mm) Thread Specification PACK Qty.
5060-250 250 70 X 138 GL 45 10
5060-500 500 86 X 176 GL 45 10
5060-1000 1000 101 X 225 GL 45 10
5060-2000 2000 136 X 260 GL 45 10


A bottle designed as an aspirator with a GL 45 cap and tubulation is likely used for tasks involving vacuum applications in a laboratory setting. Some common uses may include:

  • Suction Filtration: Used to create a vacuum for filtering liquids through a filter.
  • Vacuum Distillation: Applied in distillation processes where a vacuum is needed to lower the boiling point of substances.
  • Liquid Aspiration: Used for drawing in liquids, typically in combination with a vacuum system.
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