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5200-Aspirator Bottles

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5200-Aspirator Bottles

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Made of Polypropylene and are therefore much lighter than glass
• These are autoclavable, durable & dependable
• The leak proof spigot screwed to the bottle body requires only a half turn to open or close
• These bottles are used for storing or dispensing distilled water & other laboratory solutions
• Threads should be totally disengage before autoclaving

PART  No. Capacity (ltr) PACK Qty.
5200-2 2 1
5200-6 6 1
5200-10 10 1
5200-20 20 1


  1. Vacuum Filtration:
    • Aspirator bottles are widely used in vacuum filtration setups. A vacuum is applied to the bottle through the tubulation, creating suction that pulls liquids through a filter membrane, separating solids from liquids.
  2. Liquid Aspiration:
    • They are used for aspirating or removing liquids from containers, reaction vessels, or other equipment. This is particularly useful in laboratories when transferring liquids without direct pouring.
  3. Disposal of Liquid Waste:
    • Aspirator bottles serve as containers for collecting liquid waste in laboratories. They can be used for temporary storage before proper disposal, reducing the risk of spills or contamination.
  4. Cell Culture and Media Handling:
    • In cell culture laboratories, aspirator bottles may be used for handling and aspirating cell culture media, reagents, or other liquids in a controlled manner.
  5. Chemical Transfer:
    • Aspirator bottles are suitable for the transfer of chemicals from one container to another, especially when a controlled and measured dispensing is required.
  6. Autoclaving:
    • Many aspirator bottles are designed to withstand autoclaving, allowing for sterilization and reuse in a sterile laboratory environment.
  7. Chemical Storage:
    • Some aspirator bottles are used for storing chemicals, solutions, or media, providing a convenient and secure container for laboratory storage.
  8. Environmental Sampling:
    • In environmental monitoring, aspirator bottles may be used for collecting liquid samples from water bodies or other environmental sources for subsequent analysis.
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