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5280-Narrow Mouth Bottle

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5280-Narrow Mouth Bottle

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  • Chemical Resistance
  • Precise Pouring and Dispensing
PART  No. Capacity (ml) PACK Qty.
5280-4000 4000 1

Here are some common uses and considerations for reagent bottles with wide mouths made of amber polypropylene:

  1. Light-Sensitive Reagents: The amber color of the bottles helps protect light-sensitive reagents from degradation caused by exposure to light, especially ultraviolet (UV) light. This is particularly crucial for substances that are sensitive to photodegradation.
  2. Easy Pouring and Filling: The wide mouth design facilitates easy pouring, filling, and retrieval of materials. This is beneficial when working with larger quantities of liquids, powders, or other substances.
  3. Sample Storage: These bottles are suitable for the storage of liquid samples, especially when larger sample volumes need to be accommodated. The wide mouth allows for convenient sample retrieval and reduces the risk of spills during transfers.
  4. Chemical Compatibility: Polypropylene is generally resistant to a broad range of chemicals, making these bottles suitable for storing various laboratory reagents, chemicals, and solutions. Always verify the compatibility of the material with the specific substances being stored.
  5. Mixing and Dilution: The wide mouth allows for easy mixing and dilution of solutions directly within the bottle. This is advantageous when preparing solutions or conducting experiments that require combining different substances.
  6. Powder and Granule Storage: These bottles are appropriate for storing and dispensing powders, granules, or solid materials due to the wide opening, facilitating easy scooping or pouring.
  7. Bulk Storage: Wide-mouth amber polypropylene bottles are suitable for the bulk storage of chemicals, solvents, or other substances in larger quantities.
  8. Environmental Sampling: In environmental testing and sampling, these bottles may be used for collecting and preserving larger volumes of water or soil samples.
  9. Educational Purposes: Similar to narrow-mouthed bottles, wide-mouthed amber bottles may be used in educational settings for demonstrations, experiments, and practical exercises due to their versatility.
  10. Pharmaceutical and Industrial Applications: These bottles may find applications in pharmaceutical and industrial settings for the storage and handling of light-sensitive chemicals, solvents, or other substances used in manufacturing processes.
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