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5320-Wash Bottles (New Design)

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5320-Wash Bottles (New Design)

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  • Made from Low Density Polyethylene and are therefore translucent & unbreakable
  • The distinguishing feature that these bottles contain is the built in delivery tube making it a one piece Wash Bottle
  • These Bottles are graduated on the outer surface to give an approximate idea about the volume of solution filled or dispensed
PART  No. Capacity (ltr) PACK Qty.
5320-125 125 12
5320-250 250 12
5320-500 500 12


  1. Precise Liquid Dispensing:
    • Wash bottles are designed to provide a controlled stream of liquid, making them suitable for precise dispensing of water, solvents, or cleaning solutions in laboratory and industrial applications.
  2. Rinsing Glassware:
    • The controlled stream from wash bottles is effective for rinsing laboratory glassware, ensuring thorough cleaning without wasting excessive amounts of water or solvents.
  3. Cleaning and Decontamination:
    • Wash bottles can be used for cleaning and decontaminating laboratory surfaces, equipment, or tools. They are especially useful for targeted application in areas that need specific attention.
  4. Dispensing Solvents:
    • Wash bottles are commonly used for dispensing small amounts of solvents in laboratory procedures. The controlled dispensing is crucial to avoid spills and waste.
  5. Moistening Filter Paper:
    • In filtration setups, wash bottles can be used to moisten filter paper, aiding in the filtration process in laboratories.
  6. Lab Experiments and Demonstrations:
    • Wash bottles are often employed in educational settings for experiments and demonstrations to showcase proper laboratory techniques and liquid dispensing.
  7. Emergency Eye Wash:
    • Wash bottles filled with sterile saline solution can be part of emergency eye wash stations to provide a quick response in case of chemical exposure to the eyes.
  8. Humidifying Microscope Slides:
    • Wash bottles may be used in microscopy to add controlled amounts of water to microscope slides, creating a humid environment for certain types of samples.
  9. Watering Plants:
    • In settings with plants or living organisms, wash bottles filled with water can be used for controlled watering in laboratories or educational environments.
  10. Customized Designs for Specific Applications:
    • New designs may introduce features tailored for specific applications, such as ergonomic improvements, better visibility of contents, or enhanced safety features.
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