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5550-Flask, Flat Bottom, Wide Neck, DIN/ISO


5550-Flask, Flat Bottom, Wide Neck, DIN/ISO

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  • Made from ASTM E-438 Type 1, Boro 3.3 heat resistance glass
  • With beaded rim
  • Complies with DIN/ISO 24450
PART  No. Capacity (ml) D. (mm) D1. (mm) H. (mm) PACK Qty.
5550-50 50 51 34 90 10
5550-100 100 64 34 105 10
5550-250 250 85 50 138 10
5550-500 500 105 50 163 10
5550-1000 1000 131 50 190 10
5550-2000 2000 166 76 230 6

Here are some common uses for flat-bottom flasks with a wide neck according to DIN/ISO standards:

  1. Mixing and Stirring: The wide neck allows for easy pouring of liquids into and out of the flask. It is suitable for mixing and stirring applications where larger volumes need to be handled, and the wide opening facilitates the addition of reagents or the use of stirring rods.
  2. Sample Collection: These flasks are often used for collecting samples, especially when a larger volume of a liquid needs to be gathered. The wide neck facilitates convenient pouring and transfer of samples.
  3. Storage: Flat-bottom flasks with a wide neck are suitable for storing liquids, especially when easy access to the contents is required. The wide opening allows for straightforward pouring and facilitates the addition or removal of materials.
  4. Reagent Addition: In chemical reactions or processes, where controlled addition of reagents is crucial, the wide neck of the flask allows for precise pouring and minimizes the risk of spills.
  5. Heating and Evaporation: The flat bottom provides stability for heating applications, and the wide neck allows for efficient evaporation of solvents. These flasks are commonly used in processes where controlled heating and evaporation are essential.
  6. ISO and DIN Methods: Specific ISO or DIN methods may recommend the use of flat-bottom flasks with wide necks for certain laboratory tests or analyses. These standards help ensure consistency and accuracy in experimental setups across different laboratories.
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