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5770-Flask, Buchner, plain side arm and ground socket, ISO


5770-Flask, Buchner, plain side arm and ground socket, ISO

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  • Complies with DIN ISO 3585
  • Buchner filter flasks with precision-ground quick fit socket
  • With traditional plaing glass side-arm to accept 9mm bore vacuum tubing
  • Heavy wall and base construction for vacuum work
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Socket Size Height Dia  (mm) PACK Qty.
5770-100 100 19/26 100 64 2
5770-100-A 100 24/29 100 64 2
5770-250 250 24/29 140 85 2
5770-250-A 250 29/32 140 85 2
5770-500 500 24/29 175 105 2
5770-500-A 500 29/32 175 105 2
5770-1000 1000 24/29 220 131 2
5770-1000-A 1000 29/32 220 131 2

Here are common uses of a Flask, Buchner, with a plain side arm and ground socket, conforming to ISO standards:

  1. Vacuum Filtration: The primary use of a Buchner flask with a plain side arm and ground socket is for vacuum filtration. In this process, a vacuum is applied to filter a liquid through a filter paper or membrane, separating solids from the liquid.
  2. Filtering Solids from Liquids: The flask is ideal for separating solid precipitates or particles from a liquid sample. The plain side arm allows for the connection of a vacuum source, creating a pressure differential that drives the liquid through the filter.
  3. Conforming to ISO Standards: The flask is designed to meet ISO standards, ensuring compatibility and consistency in laboratory procedures across different settings.
  4. Ground Socket for Secure Connection: The ground socket at the base of the flask provides a stable and secure connection when attached to a Buchner funnel or other filtration apparatus. This helps prevent leaks and ensures a reliable vacuum seal during filtration.
  5. Laboratory Filtration Techniques: The Buchner flask with a plain side arm and ground socket is commonly used in various laboratory filtration techniques, including gravity filtration and vacuum-assisted filtration.
  6. Part of Filtration Apparatus Setup: The flask is an integral part of a larger filtration apparatus setup, typically connected to a Buchner funnel. It works in conjunction with filter paper or membranes to achieve efficient separation.
  7. Chemical Synthesis and Analysis: The flask is utilized in chemical synthesis and analysis processes where the separation of solids from liquids is required. It is commonly employed in chemistry laboratories for a range of applications.
  8. Solid-Liquid Extraction: The Buchner flask can be used in solid-liquid extraction procedures, where the liquid component needs to be separated from solid particles.
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