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5910-Columns acc. to Vigreux with NS Female Joint and NS Male Joint ASTM


5910-Columns acc. to Vigreux with NS Female Joint and NS Male Joint ASTM

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  • Made of Boro 3.3 glass
  • Without glass jacket, horizontal and lateral indentations
PART  No. Effective length (mm) Male & Female (NS) PACK Qty.
5910-120 120 14/20 1
5910-300 300 24/40 1


  1. Distillation:
    • Vigreux columns are commonly used in distillation setups to separate and purify components of a liquid mixture based on their different boiling points. The presence of the Vigreux indentations provides increased surface area, improving the separation efficiency.
  2. Fractional Distillation:
    • Fractional distillation is a common application where the column is used to separate a mixture into its individual components. The Vigreux design enhances the fractionation process by promoting multiple vaporization-condensation cycles.
  3. ASTM Compliance for Standardization:
    • The use of columns compliant with ASTM standards ensures that the glassware meets specific quality and safety criteria, providing consistency and reliability in experimental results. ASTM standards may include specifications for glass quality, dimensions, and performance.
  4. Chemical Synthesis:
    • Columns according to Vigreux may be used in chemical synthesis processes where precise separation and purification of reaction products are required.
  5. Laboratory Research and Analysis:
    • These columns are employed in various laboratory research and analysis procedures where separation of components based on boiling points is necessary, such as in organic chemistry experiments.
  6. Purification of Solvents:
    • Columns with Vigreux indentations are useful for purifying solvents, removing impurities, and obtaining high-purity solvents for analytical or synthetic chemistry work.
  7. Extraction and Recovery:
    • In extraction processes, these columns can be used for the separation and recovery of specific components from a mixture.
  8. ASTM Standards for Glassware:
    • ASTM standards for glassware ensure that the glass used in the columns has specific physical and chemical properties, contributing to the durability and reliability of the glassware in laboratory applications.
  9. Temperature-Sensitive Reactions:
    • Columns according to Vigreux are suitable for processes involving temperature-sensitive reactions, as they provide a controlled environment for vaporization and condensation.
  10. Teaching and Demonstrations:
    • In educational settings, these columns may be used to teach distillation principles and techniques, demonstrating the separation of components based on differences in boiling points.
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