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7080-Separatory Funnel Holder

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7080-Separatory Funnel Holder

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  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Non-corrosive front opening provides clear view of the solution, Allows unobstructed placement of separating funnels.
  • Two tapped wedges ensures firm grip on rods having dia 1/2″ or 3/5″
7080-SFH Separatory Funnel Holder 12

Here are some common uses and applications of separatory funnel holders:

  1. Liquid Extraction and Separation:
    • Applications: Separatory funnel holders are often used in liquid-liquid extraction procedures, where two immiscible liquids need to be separated based on their densities. The holder provides a stable platform for the separatory funnel, allowing controlled draining of liquids.
  2. Chemical Reactions:
    • Applications: During chemical reactions that involve separatory funnels, a separatory funnel holder ensures that the funnel remains securely in place, preventing accidental spills or tip-overs.
  3. Filtration Processes:
    • Applications: Separatory funnel holders can be used in conjunction with filtration setups. They provide support for the separatory funnel when filtering solids from a liquid.
  4. Addition of Reagents:
    • Applications: In situations where precise additions of reagents are required, a separatory funnel holder can be used to hold the funnel steadily, allowing controlled dispensing of liquids into a reaction vessel.
  5. Layered Liquid Experiments:
    • Applications: In experiments where layered liquids need to be maintained, such as density gradient centrifugation, a separatory funnel holder helps in keeping the funnel in a stable and upright position.
  6. Distillation Setup:
    • Applications: In distillation experiments, a separatory funnel holder may be used to support the separatory funnel when collecting distillate or when adding specific components at precise intervals.
  7. Educational Laboratories:
    • Applications: Separatory funnel holders are commonly used in educational laboratories during chemistry experiments and demonstrations. They enhance safety by securely holding the funnel, allowing students to focus on the experiment.
  8. Consistent and Controlled Liquid Handling:
    • Applications: The use of a separatory funnel holder ensures that liquids can be added or drained from the funnel in a controlled and consistent manner, reducing the risk of errors and improving experimental accuracy.
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