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7210-Funnel, Long stem


7210-Funnel, Long stem

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  • With 60° bowl angle for precise fitting of filter paper
  • Manufactured from chemical and heat resistant pyrex borosilicate glass
  • Stem length approximately 150mm
PART  No. Top External dia (mm) Stem O.D. (mm) To suit filter paper dia (mm) PACK Qty.
7210-70 70 8 70-90 6
7210-80 80 8 90-150 6
7210-105 105 8 150-185 6

Here are some common uses of a funnel with a long stem:

  1. Chemical Transfers: Funneling liquids from one container to another, especially in chemical laboratories, where controlled pouring is essential to prevent spills and ensure accuracy.
  2. Laboratory Filtration: Long-stemmed funnels are often used in filtration setups where the liquid needs to pass through a filter paper or membrane. The long stem allows for the placement of the funnel in various apparatus configurations.
  3. Separation Funnels: In chemistry, long-stemmed funnels are used in separation funnels for liquid-liquid extractions. The extended stem facilitates the separation of immiscible liquids.
  4. Refilling Containers: Pouring liquids into containers with small openings or necks, where the long stem helps reach the bottom of the container without causing splashing or spills.
  5. Precise Liquid Additions: For adding liquids dropwise or in small volumes, the long stem allows for precise control over the rate of addition.
  6. Distillation Processes: Long-stemmed funnels are employed in distillation setups, especially when transferring liquids to and from distillation apparatus components.
  7. Microscale Chemistry: In microscale chemistry experiments, where small amounts of reagents are used, long-stemmed funnels facilitate accurate and controlled liquid transfers.
  8. Fluid Sampling: When sampling liquids from larger containers or vessels, long-stemmed funnels are used to reach specific depths while avoiding cross-contamination.
  9. Solvent Additions: Adding solvents to reactions or solutions where the long stem allows for controlled and gradual pouring, avoiding sudden and potentially hazardous additions.
  10. Liquids with Vapors: When handling volatile liquids that may produce vapors, the long stem helps direct the vapors away from the user, enhancing safety.
  11. Layered Liquid Additions: In procedures where different liquids need to be added in layers, the long stem aids in carefully introducing each layer without disturbing the layers below.
  12. Oil and Water Separation: Long-stemmed funnels are useful in experiments involving the separation of oil and water layers, allowing for controlled additions and separations.
  13. Chemical Synthesis: Long-stemmed funnels play a role in chemical synthesis procedures, facilitating the addition of reagents with precision.
  14. Liquid Dispensing in Education: Long-stemmed funnels are commonly used in educational laboratories to teach students about controlled pouring and liquid transfers.
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