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7310-Funnel, Buchner PP

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7310-Funnel, Buchner PP

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  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Light weight
  • Easy to clean & autoclavable
  • Top portion snap fitted with the lower one forms a vaccum seal which requires no greasing
  • Base of the top portion has perforated filter plate
PART  No. Size (mm) PACK Qty.
7310-70 70 12
7310-110 110 6
7310-90 90 6

Here are some common uses of a Büchner funnel made of polypropylene:

  1. Chemical Filtration:
    • Büchner funnels are often used for vacuum filtration of chemical solutions. The polypropylene construction makes them resistant to a wide range of chemicals, ensuring compatibility with various solvents and reagents.
  2. Biological Sample Filtration:
    • In biological laboratories, Büchner funnels made of polypropylene are used for the filtration of biological samples such as cell cultures or microbial suspensions. The non-reactive nature of polypropylene helps prevent interference with sensitive biological samples.
  3. Particulate Separation:
    • Büchner funnels are useful for separating solid particles from liquids. This can be important in various applications, including sample preparation, quality control, and research.
  4. Solid Phase Extraction (SPE):
    • Polypropylene Büchner funnels are sometimes employed in solid-phase extraction processes, where they play a role in isolating and concentrating specific compounds from liquid samples.
  5. Educational Laboratories:
    • Büchner funnels made of polypropylene are commonly used in educational laboratories for teaching filtration techniques. Their durability and chemical resistance make them suitable for repeated use in teaching settings.
  6. Environmental Analysis:
    • These funnels can be used in environmental analysis, such as water or soil testing, where filtration is required to separate particulate matter from the sample.
  7. General Laboratory Filtration:
    • Büchner funnels made of polypropylene find applications in various general laboratory filtration tasks, providing a convenient and chemical-resistant option for routine filtration processes.
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