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7360-Tubes Culture Round Bottom, Leak proof Round Bottom


7360-Tubes Culture Round Bottom, Leak proof Round Bottom

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  • Made from ASTM E-438 Type-1 Class A, Boro 3.3 glass
  • With Screw Thread and Teflon Liner
  • Leak proof
  • Comes with PP Screw Cap
PART  No. O.D. x Length (mm) PACK Qty.
7360-12 12 x 100 100
7360-16 16 x 75 100
7360-16-A 16 x 100 100
7360-16-B 16 x 125 100
7360-16-C 16 x 160 100
7360-18 18 x 180 100
7360-20 20 x 100 100
7360-20-A 20 x 200 100
7360-22 22 x 200 100
7360-25 25 x 100 100
7360-25-A 25 x 150 100
7360-25-B 25 x 200 50
7360-38 38 x 200 50

Here are some common uses and features of culture tubes with round bottoms:

  1. Cell Culture: Round-bottom culture tubes are often used in cell culture applications, providing a suitable environment for the growth and propagation of cells. The round shape allows cells to settle evenly at the bottom, promoting a consistent cell layer.
  2. Suspension Cultures: These tubes are ideal for suspension cultures where cells are maintained in a liquid medium. The round bottom facilitates the even distribution of cells in the culture medium, allowing for uniform growth.
  3. Media Storage: Culture tubes with round bottoms are used for the preparation and storage of various types of media, including agar, broth, or other liquid culture media used in microbiological experiments.
  4. Mixing and Incubation: The round bottom design is conducive to efficient mixing of cultures and reagents. The tubes are often used in incubators or shakers where cultures need to be mixed or agitated during experiments.
  5. Biological Sample Storage: These tubes are suitable for the storage of biological samples, including tissues, cells, and other specimens. The leak-proof feature ensures that the samples remain contained and do not cross-contaminate.
  6. Centrifugation: Culture tubes with round bottoms are often used in centrifugation applications. The rounded shape allows for efficient pellet formation when cells or particles are spun down.
  7. Serological Testing: In serological assays or tests that involve the examination of blood serum, these tubes are commonly used for handling and processing samples.
  8. Leak-Proof Design: The leak-proof feature is particularly important when working with valuable or hazardous samples. It helps prevent spills, cross-contamination, and ensures the safety of laboratory personnel.
  9. Laboratory Experiments: These tubes are versatile and can be used in various laboratory experiments and procedures where a rounded bottom is preferred. The leak-proof design adds an extra layer of safety and sample integrity.
  10. Chemical Reagent Storage: Culture tubes are suitable for the storage of chemical reagents used in laboratory experiments. The leak-proof feature is beneficial in preventing the escape of volatile or hazardous chemicals.
  11. Sample Collection: The tubes can be used for collecting and transporting samples from the field to the laboratory, ensuring that the samples remain contained and intact during transit.
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