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7460-Turnover Flange Septa for Test Tube – Non Serrated in Silicon Rubber

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7460-Turnover Flange Septa for Test Tube – Non Serrated in Silicon Rubber

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  • Ideal for moisture or air sensitive applications.
  •  Excellent re-sealing capability.
PART  No. Size for Tube (mm) PACK Qty.
7460-12S 12 10
7460-15S 15 10
7460-18S 18 10
7460-25S 25 10

Uses of Turnover Flange Septa for Test Tubes – Non-Serrated in Silicone Rubber:

The specific design features and material composition of this turnover flange septa make it suitable for various laboratory applications:

  1. Sealing Test Tubes: The primary purpose of the turnover flange septa is to seal the openings of test tubes securely, preventing the escape of contents and minimizing the risk of contamination.
  2. Stability: The turnover flange design contributes to the stability of the septa, making it easier to handle during placement and removal from the test tube.
  3. Sample Storage: These septa are suitable for sealing test tubes used for sample storage, helping maintain the integrity of the stored samples.
  4. Incubation: In laboratory experiments that involve incubation, the turnover flange septa can provide a secure seal while allowing easy access to the contents.
  5. Preventing Evaporation: The non-serrated septa, in combination with the turnover flange, helps minimize evaporation of liquids from the test tube.
  6. Chemical Compatibility: Silicone rubber is known for its resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for use in various laboratory settings.
  7. Temperature Stability: Silicone rubber is often thermally stable, allowing the septa to withstand a range of temperatures.
  8. Versatility: The turnover flange septa can be used in a variety of laboratory procedures where sealing test tubes is necessary, providing a versatile solution.
  9. Biocompatibility: Silicone rubber is biocompatible, making it suitable for applications involving biological samples or medical research.


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