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7690-Centrifuge Tubes, Round Bottom Graduated


7690-Centrifuge Tubes, Round Bottom Graduated

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  • Round Bot tom Graduated
  • Made from ASTM E-438 Type-1 Class A, Boro 3.3 glass
  • Printed in Blue color
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Height x O.D. (mm) PACK Qty.
7690-12 12 16 x 100 100
7690-30 30 24 x 110 100
7690-40 40 28 x 110 50
7690-50 50 30 x 110 50
7690-100 100 45 x 110 50
7690-200 200 55 x 116 50

Round bottom centrifuge tubes with graduations are commonly used in laboratories for various purposes. Here are some of their primary uses in short form:

  1. Sample Preparation: Used to prepare and store samples for centrifugation.
  2. Centrifugation: Suitable for high-speed spinning to separate substances based on density.
  3. Measurement: Graduations allow for precise measurement of liquid volumes.
  4. Storage: Ideal for storing samples before and after centrifugation.
  5. Mixing: Used for mixing reagents and samples by inversion or vortexing.
  6. Cell Culture: Utilized in the preparation and handling of cell cultures.
  7. Pellet Collection: Helps in collecting pellets formed at the bottom after centrifugation.
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